Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Changed Future for the Adult Learner and Teacher

I see the future of America as a society that is knowledge-based competing and succeeding in the changing dynamics of the modern world.  Creating a knowledge-based society involves getting all people on board.  In perfecting skills to compete in a global world, it is imperative that education is at the forefront of the quest to remain an innovative and competitive society.
Today, many older adults are returning to school. What used to be categorized as non-traditional students has become a norm. Adults of all ages are enrolling in college, trade school and professional courses to strengthen skills and increase their knowledge in order to become more marketable and highly skilled in today’s workforce and business environments.  In addition to obtaining knowledge and training, many adults seek ways education can enrich their lives and provide opportunities that may not have been accessible earlier in life.
Education can no longer be viewed as something reserved for younger people.  We must look for opportunities to create a technology edge and integrate into the global community with skilled educators and experienced business professionals teaching at higher learning institutions and professional development programs.
The combination of professionals with real-world experience and scholarly practitioners is needed to improve the quality and effectiveness of education and training and ensure the adult learning environment remains competitive in transforming the way we learn to anticipate future workforce needs and requirements.
Online learning environments are important to the adult learner as this form of education provides an arena which embraces the adult student’s lifestyle and helps students to become more comfortable with technology advances and computer competency. Online environments also offer an immediate connection with cultures around the world.  The new knowledge-based society embraces online education in integrating global communities.
The changing future requires educators who can adapt to teach and instruct in ways that encourages a knowledge-based teaching environment in both theory and practice.  Learning is a lifelong process.  The process of teaching and learning must be challenging and stimulate the adult learner to high performance.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why We Wear the Swimsuit Cover Up?

Most people would assume the obvious answer to the title question is "to cover up."  In actuality, that's exactly correct.  We go through great extremes to buy the perfect swimwear and then we cover up with a variety of coordinated styles for the different shapes and sizes of our bodies.  While going through the swimsuit, cover up process for a vacation, I asked myself, “Why am I really covering up?” I realize there are times when it is appropriate, but most often we use the cover up to hide the inner conflicts many of us have about our bodies.  We essentially want to hide the information that we do not want others to know or see.

We look at the cover up as a safe haven that helps us answer the questions. 
-  Will people look at me?
-  Is too much showing?
-  Are my butt, thighs and hips too big?
-  What about cellulite and varicose veins?
-  Am I too old?
This physical identity can place a toll on us mentally, particularly when we assume the answer is yes to our self-induced questions. 

The insecurities about our outer appearance can escalate to the point that we cover up to rationalize our inner conflicts.  How are we to enjoy ourselves (at the beach or pool) when we are placing so much emphasis on how we look and who is looking at us instead of who we are?  Until we place our insecurities on the table, we will always justify the external cover up to hide our internal fears.  Your external cover up becomes too physical when we allow our body appearance to invade our mental comfort zones.

We should focus more on removing self-doubt and replacing it with self-worth.  Give yourself the gift of acceptance, appreciation, patience, perseverance and confidence, which leads to embracing and loving yourself with or without a cover up.

Publisher Looking for Stories by Mature Women of Color for Volume 2 of Award-Winning Anthology | Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business & Politics

Publisher Looking for Stories by Mature Women of Color for Volume 2 of Award-Winning Anthology | Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business & Politics