Monday, December 30, 2013

What to Do with 2013 Leftovers?

Moving into the New Year is an exciting time for many. It represents a new beginning, time to set and accomplish new goals, and a time to start over. Some may want better financial and career opportunities and others are on a mission to start or enhance businesses.   We become more motivated to improve our health and incorporating fitness routines into our lifestyles is a major focus.

Considering some of the same goals myself, I pondered how I would move into the New Year with some of my 2013 goals still lingering. What was good? What was bad? What do I need to take into 2014 and what do I need to leave behind. Realistically, how can we truly transition into the future with unwanted leftovers attached to our past?  Similar to food stored in the refrigerator, some leftovers taste better when the seasoning has settled, which enhances the flavor. Old, stale and molded leftovers that have remained in the refrigerator far too long need to be removed and dumped in the garbage.  The key is doing what should to be done to move forward.

While there may not be a magical prescription that works for everyone, we must be willing and open to take steps to eliminate the things we no longer want to remain in our lives. Personally, I have found success in creating a Do and Don’t list entitled, Self-Preservation (or you can replace with your own title). It begins with taking a blank canvas, which can be a piece of paper or your preferred technical device, creating two columns and incorporating your title at the top of each column.  In the Do column, write down all the things you want to accomplish in 2014, which can include good things from 2013 that remain a work-in-progress. On the Don’t column, place all the things you do not want to take into 2014, to include hardships, depression, debt, poor health, relationships, or anything that is holding you back. Once you have completed the lists, eliminate the Don’t by focusing only what you have placed on the Do list for the next twelve months. Let’s call this the, Do You Resolution.

For this process to be successful, you have to be realistic about what you really need and don’t need. After all, we are striving to accomplish goals that assist us in moving to a better place in our lives in both the natural and spiritual. Remember, when leftovers are good and tasty, eat them. When leftovers are old and stale, throw them away.  Happy New Year, Happy New You!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Be A Blessing!

A friend told me an inspiring story the other day. While driving through a heavy Atlanta rainfall, he noticed a couple standing at a bus stop with two small children. The woman was under an umbrella, the children were hovered closely to her on each side and the man was standing next to them without cover.  This picture touched him in a way that he detoured from his original destination, drove around the corner and returned to the bus stop. He did not want to frighten them, and he also wanted to exercise caution. He was prompted to ask if they had a car. The father responded “no.” My friend asked if he may have his phone number because there may be a possibility he could help them obtain a vehicle.

A few days later, he called the father and was moved by the family’s financial situation. They agreed to meet for lunch. During the lunch, he offered to give the man the car he had been driving the evening they met. He not only blessed them with a 2007 vehicle, the insurance was already prepaid for one year. He transferred the title and added the couple to the policy, which allowed them to have paid insurance for the first year. What a Blessing?

My friend was in a financial position to bless this family in a tremendous way, but being a blessing extends from the heart.  His heart was in the right place. There are many times we can be a blessing to others even in a very small way.  I received a blessing just a day ago in the amount of $5.35. I pulled up to the drive-thru window at a restaurant to pay for my order and the cashier informed me that a lady in the car ahead of me had paid my bill.  I had no idea who this lady was, but the gesture put a smile on my face and made my day.

During this season of giving, many stories of generosity will occur. As we go about these last few days of shopping, let’s remember the homeless, senior citizens, children and those around us who are lonely, ill or missing a loved one. Be a Blessing!