Saturday, December 31, 2016

What God Expects us to Resolve in 2017

Over the years, I have gone through various transitions when it comes to making new year resolutions. Years ago, I made resolutions mentally because it was a year-end tradition I thought I should follow even though having no clear understanding of the concept.  As I grew older, I began to look at my new year resolutions more seriously and wrote down goals I felt most important for each coming year. Eventually realizing I was writing the same goals each year and seemingly not accomplishing significant results, I turned to my spiritual life and focused on what God would want and approve for my life.

After significant research on the origin of making new year resolutions, I was encouraged to become more grounded in preparing my goals. Once knowing the religious origins and practices of starting the new year on the right foot had its beginnings over 4000 years ago, I understood God is the reason to make resolutions for the coming year as opposed to relying solely on my self-centered needs and limited actions.

The opportunity to make a fresh start is very exciting.  Like most people, I eagerly await what God has planned for me in 2017. I believe phenomenal things will happen and I understand there will also be challenges. I am at peace with new year resolutions because I know at the beginning and throughout the year I rely on God to guide me to actions that would serve him, my family and my community. My goals now have a higher purpose than as a very young adult. As I take time to reflect on 2016, the accomplishments and the challenges, I know without a doubt that resolving to have a better relationship with God has exceeded everything I could never have done on my own.

Happy New Year and May Your Relationship with God increase in 2017