Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will the Real President Obama Stand Up?
Like millions of people around the world, I watched the Presidential debate last night with great expectations.  In fact, I am on vacation in Aruba and made sure I was planted in front of the TV instead of my nightly ritual of lounging at the pool.
Something happened to me right before the debate that was scary.  I thought, “what if President Obama does not win tonight.” I felt extremely agitated and tense. It was such a scary feeling that I went on the balcony, looked to the sky and said a prayer.
Unlike the excitement I experienced with the McCain/Obama debate of 2008, when I was in DC at an event where they interrupted the program and showed the debate on two large screens, I felt disappointed.  I was disenchanted with the entire program.  The moderator, Jim Lehrer was not in control of the debate, Romney did a great job at continuing to flip-flop and there were so many missed opportunities where President Obama could have won hands down. Some points I believe could have turned the debate were simple and outlined below.

1.      Does Romney Like Obamacare or Not?  First, he campaigned on the promise he would appeal Obamacare, and now he says he likes some portions of the plan.
ObamaYou say you will appeal Obamacare, then turn around and put portions of the plan back into your own health care plan that was largely based on your original health care plan as governor of Massachusetts. In my Gary Coleman voice, “What you trying to say Mitt?”

2.      Both candidates went on and on about taxes and tax cuts.
Obama – Speaking of taxes Mitt, where are yours?

3.      Jobs
Obama – Mitt, when you were Governor of Massachusetts, the state was 48th in job creation and what about all the jobs Bain Capital outsourced to places like China, who you say you will change how you do business with once you are President? Does that mean you will bring back all the jobs you outsourced?

4.      Rodney boasted Massachusetts was number one in Education.
Obama- That may be true now, but not ten years ago when you were Governor.  Are you trying to steal someone else’s credit or just the election?

5.      President Obama said under the Bush trade laws; corporations get tax breaks for doing business overseas.  Romney said corporations do not get breaks.

Obama – Why did you outsource jobs and put your money in banks outside the United States if there is no benefit?  As a matter of fact Mitt, explain to the American people how you expect to represent them when you have outsourced your own money and supported other loopholes for the rich.

6.      Romney kept repeating under my plan, under my plan, under my plan……….
Obama – First of all Mitt, where are your plans.  Secondly, do they include the 47 percent of Americans you are not concerned about?

Where was the real President Obama last night and will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?  In spite of all, Obama has proven to be a man of his word in spite of the many obstacles and Romney has never kept his word because he changes his position to fit the situation. I continue to pray and feel confident President Obama will prevail.

VOTE on November 6th.

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