Monday, December 31, 2012


     It's the end of one year and the beginning of another. Many people are talking about resolutions, making plans and having great expectations for the New Year.  That is a beautiful thing, but personally, I stopped making New Year resolutions several years ago upon realizing I was not resolving anything. I had many of the same issues at the end of every year and my great plans seem to drift further and further away before the first quarter of the year was over.
      Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely believe in making resolutions. I just had to start thinking and doing things a little different in order to accomplish my goals and objectives with success.  Thus, the New You Resolution was born.  This concept consisted of working to resolve issues year round.  When the New Year began, my focus was leaving the garbage and trash behind, including negative news, situations and people, making it easier to move into more positive experiences.  This process of resolving my issues over a period of time positioned me to move forward with a commitment to change.  Realistically, you have to move some old things out before you put new things in place.  In other words, delete before you complete.
     Now that I am in what some may refer to as the “third quarter” of my life, I think about making Bold Moves.  My pace may be a bit slower, but I am making moves to position myself to live joyful golden years.  The other night while envisioning my Bold Moves for 2013, I mentally reviewed my past personal and business experiences, successes and failures. The older I get, the more clearly I can see what worked, what did not work, and why. This realistic overview was a great revelation about my life.  While I still have some things to resolve, I am more focused on reconnecting, reinventing, rejuvenating, relaxing and moving to a place where my positive experiences overshadow the negative ones.   
     One new thing I am doing for 2013 is releasing my second book entitled, Dear________, Are You Missing Your Calling? The title for chapter two is Being Bold.  This chapter was written to encourage people to step beyond any obstacles that may prevent them from their calling and purpose.  The chapter ends with the following affirmations.
Being Bold is stepping out on Faith.
Being Bold is having Courage.
Being Bold is doing something you have not done before.
Being Bold is doing something no one has done before.
Being Bold is securing your Freedom in search of the unknown.
Being Bold helps you get your message across.
Being Bold is making a Confident affirmation.
     When making your resolutions for 2013, resolve to make Bold Moves and commitments that help you to reach your goals successfully.

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BGlenn said...

Hi Sheila - I, too, have taken a look over my past to ascertain what direction I will take in the new year. I have revisited the "to-do" list and discovered that some things listed there were written to benefit people other than myself. This years focus is to create, introduce and recognize things that pertain to my personal self awareness/preservation. I want to discover and improve on my talents, my character, my goals and aspirations. Leaving the past behind I walk towards a future of undoubtedly great things.

Happy New Year. Can't wait for the second book.


P.S. You are such an inspiration. It's your calling and I'm so glad you found it.