Friday, January 20, 2012

"Red Tails" Missing at Movie Theaters

Before retiring to bed last night, I decided to look up the screening times for Red Tails at the local theater by my home in Georgia.  I scanned the web page several times before conceding that Red Tails was not even on the schedule.  My first thought was, “okay you probably missed it so go back again and move the mouse slowly down the page.”  The final conclusion was the movie was not listed.
I immediately scanned through the other fourteen theaters owned by this company, NCG Cinemas and found that only three of the fourteen had listed Red Tails.  My next step was to look for the contact information and even though it was after midnight, I did not hesitate to write my message of outrage and dissatisfaction to management via email.  I also listed on my Facebook and Twitter pages. 
I woke up this morning eager to pick up with sending out the message not to support theaters that did not show Red Tails as far as I could take it and a strange thing happened, Red Tails was now listed and with two screens at my local NCG Cinema and all but one of the fourteen were now displaying show times for the movie.
Perhaps I jumped to conclusions, but typically by Thursday midnight, new movies are listed for the weekend and most certainly any movie by George Lucas would have advance listing with the expectation attendance will increase. 
My advice is to watch your tickets when you purchase them, make a public complaint about theaters in your area not showing Red Tails, do not purchase the movie from bootleggers and most certainly get off the couch and go see this historical presentation.

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