Friday, February 3, 2012

The Power of Love

     I was pondering the emotion of love and wondered how love can be the most powerful force in the universe and yet, many have such a difficult time understanding and expressing the one power that is designed to hold us together. 
     The bible teaches us to abide by faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.  We are further instructed to pursue love and commanded that we love one another as God has loved us.  This is a testimony to the power of love.
 Often when we think of love, particularly during the month of February for Valentine's Day, we think of relationships between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.  Our feelings seem to intensify with the very thought that we are loved by that special person.  Some people spend days, weeks and months trying to create a clever way to show their sweethearts they are loved.  That expression is typically done through a nice dinner, flowers, candy or cards.  These are all beautiful gestures that I appreciate giving and receiving, but I cannot help but consider if we spread the intensity of that love beyond our mates, how powerful our relationships would be within our families and communities.
    The power of love helps us to overcome and endure through bad relationships, loss and dysfunctional situations.  That bond created by love most certainly has the power to hold families together.  Love provides the equipment to help us go the distance.  Love covers our mistakes.  Love allows us to hold on to each other in spite of our differences.  Love empowers us to reach our arms across a wider range of people and situations to lift others up. 
     The power of love lies within each and every one of us.  On this Valentine's Day, stretch your arms beyond your sweetheart and show a gesture of love to others. We all enjoy hearing those three words, I Love You.

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