Saturday, April 27, 2013

How I Became An Entrepreneur

Owning a business appeared to me as a vision in my late teens.  I cannot pinpoint a reason other than I always enjoyed working with my hands and creating things ranging from sewing and interior design to party decorating.  As such, it came as no surprise to those close to me when I opened my first business on the south side of Chicago, a retail party supply store named, The Party Connection.  The motivation from my first business venture was my customers.  They inspired me by their confidence and belief that their myriad requests could be accomplished and they trusted I would get the job done.  As a result, I became one of the premier balloon decorators in Chicago in the 80’s and 90’s.   Eventually I moved from the retail business to event planning and decorating where I developed relationships with corporations and organizations across the nation.  My diverse business experiences encouraged me to assist other aspiring businesses through mentoring and coaching.  I classify myself as an entrepreneur because it is my natural calling.  Now in 2013, I am focused on my spiritual growth and how I can use my talents to serve.  In encourage others through my own life experiences.  My motto is “You are “Mo Better” than you think you are.” 

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