Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Lesson on Focus from President Barack Obama

     “One of the most difficult challenges in pursuing or living your calling is to remain focused.  At times, life itself may be filled with diversions that distract your focus from your goals. You may encounter many obstacles in starting and finishing even a simple household or work project.  Imagine the difficulty in remaining focused with a project as large as your calling!  It is difficult, but certainly not impossible.  In fact, remaining focused to achieve your life purpose is imperative.”
     While watching President Barack Obama delivery the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, I was reminded that chapter four of my book, Dear ____, Are You Missing Your Calling? was inspired by his unique ability to remain focused in the midst of challenge and adversity. During his two campaigns, I was most intrigued by President Obama’s self-control and capacity to stay centered on the issues, which eventually won him the presidency twice. “We can only imagine the complexity of how God placed the vision in his mind that he could run for President of the United States of America and even succeed against unimaginable odds.”
     While most of us will not likely run for President of the United States, we are all in a race to pursue our callings and purposes. Each of our gifts, skills and talents are unique. In order to reach our God-given potential, we must remain focused.  Focus is not a gift or calling, it is a discipline designed to guide us on a clear path by setting priorities to vigorously pursue and reach your goals.
     We have come to know a few things about President Obama in the eight years he has been President, but we know less of the intimate twenty-two-year journey that he walked while pursing the directive of his vision. It took patience, endurance and confidence to believe he could achieve a position larger than himself and create a legacy.
     It is possible for all of us to reach success with our individual callings. There is a roadmap for each one of our journeys. In order remain focused, we must place priority over the things that are most important and have the most value to our purpose. Essentially, focus requires consistency and diligence in cultivating your vision. Focus is not an easy task. I often remind myself to keep a focused attitude by following some of the suggestions I shared in the book.
  • Stay spiritually inspired.
  • Reduce or eliminate things and people that distract you.
  • Boost your energy with healthy foods and exercise to remain mentally alert.
  • Make a commitment to limit distractions (phone, social media..) to 1-2 hours a day.
  • Pray and meditate day and night.
     "If you continue to find yourself having difficulty remaining focused, ask God to reveal your path, look for the signs and pursue them passionately. If your are committed to doing your part to remain focused and willing to obey the voice of God, he will fulfill your requests. Divine order contributes to right outcome."

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