Monday, September 14, 2015

Taking Your Faith to the Extreme

We know that having even a little faith can move tall mountains, but what happens when you take your faith to the extreme?
  •  You become thirsty and your desire to quench this thirst exceeds the pain you may endure during the transition.  This tremendous thirst perceives the triumph you are about to experience.
  • You get hunger pains and no amount of food with feed this hunger until you feed on the word of God.

Taking your faith to the extreme is more than a simple request for God to fulfill our basic needs, it is thirsting and hungering to fulfill the purpose of God’s word. It is the point at which we become bold. It’s the level when we reach our breaking point.

The breaking point is the time which you endure through all barriers to complete your assignment, purpose and calling. Your extreme and unbreakable faith has prevailed. 

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