Monday, November 4, 2013

Coming Out the Closet!

I was inspired listening to Judy Goss, founder and CEO of Over 40 Females on a recent TeleSeminar where she chronicled her journey of going from "Foreclosure to Finding Success." Judy literally went from having a budding career as an editor and national TV correspondent for a major magazine to the brink of losing her home after she was laid off and her husband's business went bankrupt.  

Judy referred to this discussion as "Coming out of the Closet." Giving thought to her conversation, I considered how many of us (okay, most) need to come out the closet on things we have been holding onto for days, months and even years. These situations, whether big or small are blocking us from moving forward and elevating our positions. Often our closet situations can be painful and we believe we can cover the pain with a bandage. This is only a temporary relief. When you remove the bandage, the scar remains. In Judy's case, she had one short-term disaster public relations job and a unfulfilling part-time position before she pulled the bandages off and founded Over 40 Females (

We have all gone through painful situations whether financial, loss of a loved one, relationships, careers, business or health. I remember a few years ago walking in downtown Chicago with my cell phone glued to my ear, trying unsuccessfully to get the cell phone provider to restore service when I could not pay the bill on time. The tears that had rolled down my cheeks froze and I felt as if I was the only person walking down the street. I had lost a two-year contract that was my bread and butter after the new president of the organization became increasingly insecure with my presence. With no significant clients to replace the income loss, I had to humble myself (or get over myself)and take a few temporary jobs. One day while on an assignment, a co-worker questioned why I was there. She said, "You remind me of someone that should own the company." Honestly, that was the last day I took an assignment. Someone else saw more in me than I was seeing in myself.

Through faith and prayers, I was able to get over the pain of losing this important contract. I returned to school and obtained my MBA degree, received a more fruitful and rewarding contract, got married to a really great man, and recently released my second book, Dear_____Are You Missing Your Calling?

From this experience, I learned in spite of popular belief, you can go without your cell phone for two weeks, removing the bandages helps the scar to heal faster and we should celebrate our "Coming out of the Closet" experiences. 
Freedom is Good!

Sheila is Chapter Director for Over 40 Females Atlanta, Author, Peer Coach and Entrepreneur

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