Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

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Since relocating to Atlanta, I rely heavily on my Global Positioning System (GPS) because I am now driving in unfamiliar territories.  I have become so reliable on my Smartphone; sometimes I know my route, but program addresses in advance just in case I get off course. If there is even a small indication that I am off track to my intended destination, I immediately press start on my Smartphone without having to stop and add the address while in route.

Recently, while trying to find my way out of a large sub-division, I stopped and placed my address in the Smartphone and was out of the maze within sixty seconds. After giving my GPS all the credit, it occurred to me how much we put our faith in these man-made devices to direct our course and considered if I was placing the same faith in my God guidance.

As we chart the course for our life assignments, our life directions, do we trust that God will get us there? There have been a few occasions when the Smartphone has taken me off course, but I know that God will never take me off course if only I put my trust and faith in his word. It’s the times when we don’t give our plans and actions to God before setting off to our destinations that take us off course.

We get so excited about a goal, career or business opportunity, new relationship, educational pursuit; we sometimes miss the one important step in the planning process that provides us the most value in our ultimate outcome.   We may get off track with our life destinations, but God’s guidance will lead us even in the most remote locations of our life journeys.

Years ago, I got around quite well using a paper map to get to my destinations. This reminds me that even though my Smartphone is more convenient, I could get where I am going without it. In contrast, I could never get anywhere in life if God was not there leading and guiding my every step. With God, I am always headed in the right direction

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Sporty King said...

So true and "smile-able!" I was thinking about how I drove and had my map on the front seat... even though I had already written down the directions. In fact, I still tap my iPhone screen and double check the GPS route every so often. Now that I've enjoyed your post, I can realize that it's not because I don't trust Siri, but because I don't give anything or anyone full control over my life other than God. "-)