Monday, November 3, 2014

Five Points for Moving from Conflict to Resolution

     I assume at some point all of us have struggled with inner conflicts that restrict us from moving to a positive resolution in our lives. Perhaps that is you right now? You may be struggling with fear, anxiety, difficulty in making decisions due to life situations, past experiences and hidden rationals.
      Most psychologist, medical professionals and life coaches would agree that the operative action word in resolving inner conflict is “Release.” Sounds simply, but inner conflicts are more complex because the forces that control the battles within are intricate.
     While advanced counseling is suggested for those who suffer from more complex cases of inner conflict, most people are able to conquer and resolve their fears with a willingness to navigate through the issues that allow conflicts to exist. This action would require a cleansing of the mind with an intense desire to lift heavy burdens and exchange them for lighter and healthier experiences. The following points of action may help you move to your desired outcome.
  1. Our inner conflicts must be unlocked before we can resolve them.  First, you must recognize and identify there is a conflict.
  2. Second, acknowledge you are the only one who can go within and unlock the door of resolution.
  3. Identify those past issues that prevent you from moving forward. This requires complete honesty. Your focus must be on you and not the people or things you believe caused the problem.
  4. You should be willing to align your life with what’s important today. Focus on the NOW!
  5.  Establish what you want to accomplish? You have to be extremely clear about your WHY and disciplined to focus on those goals and objectives only.
      Once you are clear about where you want to go, what you want to do and your WHY, you are on your way to creating an environment that will allow you to release those inner fears if you remain focused. The willingness to change is an invitation to experience new and different avenues that allow us to move from fear to freedom.


Gwenolyn Murphy said...

Very enlightening. Thanks for posting.

Sheila Agnew said...

Thanks Gwen, I appreciate your sharing.