Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Do You Need a Nudge?

We all need a nudge to get us moving at some point. Whether a goal, vision, project or a simple everyday task, sometimes we sit back as if we were in a daze and allow time to pass without action. I admit there are days it’s a lot easier to do absolutely nothing rather than execute the tasks at hand. After all, it feels so much better to think about our assignments then actually put in the work involved to get them done.
When I am in that mode of thinking which encourages a lack of action, I can rely on God for a power dose of inspiration by listening to his inner voice. The insight obtained from listening and following those most valued instructions guide me back on track. With your mind focused on God’s guidance, you can make the absolute best decision about moving forward and then act on it. The messages can come through various sources providing inspiration. It may be a preached word, motivational tidbit, or a kind gesture from a total stranger. The realization that acting on the call to finish a task becomes a priority when you understand completion is a benefit to your success.
If this brief post provides you with the nudge you may need to proceed with your tasks, consider it inspired by God through my morning meditation.




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